Glenmark launches Nourkin Woman – hair growth medication in India

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has launched Nourkrin Woman, a clinically-proven proteoglycan replacement formula, for normalising hair growth cycle. The product will be exclusively marketed in India by Glenmark under a licensing agreement with Denmark-headquartered firm Pharma Medico. Nourkrin Woman contains Marilex, which is based on a proprietary scientific formula, which helps normalise, support and maintain the hair growth cycle. It is rich in specific proteoglycans (PG) essential for hair follicle development and sits in between hair replacement therapies and health supplements which women use to balance their hormonal imbalances. The medication will be available in the form of a tablet, needs to be consumed twice a day for six months and will be prescribed by dermatologists.

Company Profile : Glenmark Pharma Ltd

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